Freight forwarding

The Société Phocéenne de Transports et Transit is historically the specialist in maritime transport.

The SPTT team considers that a logistics transport process and a controlled customs clearance is a true added value for the international actors.
The freight forwarder is a “transport architect”, our team adapts to your constraints to offer you the best logistics solution.

Société Phocéenne de Transport et Transit - Maritime
Société Phocéenne de Transports et Transit – Sea freight

Thus we can assist you on various operations such as:

  • Full conteneur – FCL.

We work with usually king of conteneur 20p, 40p, HC, and special equipment.

  • LCL shipments

With consolidation – déconsolidation

  • RO-RO shipment

To forward trucks, trailers, and other roling equipment.

  • Conventional
  • Any other shipment
Société Phocéenne de Transports et Transit – Air freight


SPTT can also assist you in your air freight by Marignane Airport.

  • Urgent shipments
  • Updates
  • Littles CBM






Société Phocéenne de Transports et Transit
Société Phocéenne de Transports et Transit – Logistic pre and post conveyance

Finally, since a tailor-made operation can not be finalized without the logistical players in the pre- and post-shipment stages, SPTT ensures control of these essential elements of the transport chain. Indeed, we work with many partners, each one carefully and historically selected for his specialty and his seriousness.

We use the best logistical tools for better coordination to shipments.

Have three warehouse spread across three strategic axes and many trucker.

Our team can assist you on any operation to be carried out in warehouse:

Dispatching provided or receiving potting
Free or bonded storage
Logistics platform: stock management, order picking


Finally, our team can assist you on any complete, partial or exceptional transport operation.

The SPTT has the means to bring you the best solutions but especially the most responsive solutions to deal with your emergencies.